Looking to Retire Closer to Your Grandchildren?

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE – JUNE 20, 2018   As retirement approaches, many couples start thinking about moving. Nearly two-thirds say they plan to move […]

Manly Men Doing Manly Things in a Manly Way

Back in the early 80s, a group of Democratic legislators decided to room together to cut the cost of staying in Washington for the […]

Important Topics for Older Parents to Discuss with Their Adult Children

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE- JUNE 13, 2018   How do you talk to your adult children about your financial plans and future health-care needs? Both […]

IRS Scuttles Tax Breaks for Pirate Victims

  It’s 1715 in the Caribbean and the Golden Age of Piracy is at its peak. The War of Spanish Succession is over, and […]

Keep Your Finances in Order When Divorcing Later in Life

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE – JUNE 6, 2018   Divorcing later in life is becoming more commonplace among people 50 and over. Divorce among older […]

Guaranteed Winners

  On May 14, the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Betting Act that had made Las Vegas the only state where […]

Maintain Summer Costs: Tips for Trimming Seasonal Expenses

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE-MAY 30 2018   The signs of summer are beginning to appear: Air conditioners are humming, pools are opening, and gardens are […]

She Did It!

Early on Saturday morning, 29 million Americans woke up to take a break from school shootings, Russian collusion, and partisan gridlock to watch a California woman […]

Financial Readiness for College Graduates

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE – May 23, 2018   Have a new college graduate? Give your loved one the gift of financial readiness. This is […]

Understanding the Language of Annuities and Insurance

Weekly Educational Update – May 16, 2018     Understanding complex terminology is important to protecting, sustaining, and growing your investments. Here is a […]

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