IRS Investigates Pot of Gold at End of Rainbow

St. Patrick’s Day is here, and every “Irish for a day” tippler in your social circle will take advantage of this convenient excuse to […]

Tax Benefits of Life Insurance and Annuities

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE – MARCH 7, 2018   Life insurance policies and annuities can be helpful in providing extra protection and income for you […]

Area Man Treats Colleague to Dinner, Drinks

The three-martini lunch has a long and mostly honorable history as a deductible business expense. As former President Gerald Ford once said, “Where else […]

Protect Yourself from These Financial Scams

Weekly Educational Update – February 28, 2018   Financial fraud is, unfortunately, a common practice in America that costs individuals and businesses billions of […]

This Will Make You Love the Income Tax . . .

We Americans have fought with our internal revenue code since 1913. But slicing and dicing income, deductions, and a dizzying array of business and […]

Free App Avoids 100% of This Tax

Traffic apps have revolutionized how many of us get from Point A to Point B. They started with in-dash navigation systems that needed updates […]

Romantic Tax Collectors Lopve Valentine’s Day, Too

It’s February, and love is in the air. Restaurants are advertising intimate specials for two. Florists are rolling out the red carpet. And in […]

Five Financial Questions to Ask in Retirement

Weekly Educational Update – February 7, 2018   Enjoying a comfortable retirement depends on how well you prepared ahead of time to support your […]

Country Crooners Sing the Blues

Country music embraces a long tradition of songs about sadness and ruin, heartbreak and pain. It just makes sense, then, that country sometimes runs […]

Why You Need to Name Your Beneficiaries

Weekly Educational Update – January 31, 2018 Life insurance and annuities can bring protection and retirement income that help people meet their financial needs […]

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