Paying Your Tax Bill With Magic Beans?

If you pay attention to financial news, you can’t escape hearing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is just like country music, Justin Bieber, […]

What Are the Final Estate Planning Questions You Should Ask?

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE – DECEMBER 5, 2018   “Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes,” wrote Christopher Bullock in […]

Carrots Versus Sticks

  Take a look at our Internal Revenue Code. No, really, take a good look. (You can buy it on Amazon for just $161.89: two […]

What Would You Like Your Retirement to Look Like?

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE – NOVEMBER 28, 2018     You’re on a beautiful golf course. It’s a sunny afternoon. Once you finish the 18th […]

Over-the-Top Thanks for This Tax “Break”

Wall Streeters have a lot to give thanks for this holiday season. Earnings are up, so bonuses are up. And that, in turn, means […]

How Do Your Finances Change in Retirement?

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE – NOVEMBER 21, 2018     It’s an obvious truth: Retirement changes your life. You are no longer obligated to fulfill […]

LeBron James Scoffs at These Taxes

If you were coaching your kid’s basketball team, you wouldn’t win many games if you told them to aim for the backboard. Your opponents might love […]

What is Medigap Insurance and How Do I Get It?

  WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE- NOVEMBER 14, 2018   Establishing a national health insurance plan for senior Americans has followed a sometimes wayward path through […]

Hey, Jealousy

  Reality television has introduced us all to the joy of the “big reveal.” HGTV specializes in this sort of story. The perky couple, […]

Teaching Your Teenagers About Financial Responsibility

WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL UPDATE – November 7, 2018     Financial responsibility may not top the list of unmentionables for conversations with your teenagers, but […]

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