Tax Strategies for Trick or Treats

Halloween is almost here, and if it seems like things have changed since you were a kid, you’re right! Halloween has become big business, […]

The Long and Short of It

Consumer surveys consistently show that CPAs are the most trusted financial advisors of all. But what happens in the rare instance when you can’t […]

They Hate Him at the IRS, Too

We live in an unfortunate era of disunity. Cultural divides, racial divides, religious divides, and political divides are threatening to tear America apart. Every […]

Two Half-Birthdays Are Meaningful for Retirement Planning

Have you ever noticed how little kids always announce their ages in half-years? “I’m 4 and a half!” Maybe you remember doing the same […]

Start Saving For Retirement and Get Money Back From The Government

The sooner you begin saving for retirement the better prepared you’ll likely be. Low to middle income taxpayers may have a more difficult time […]

Don’t Let Politics Influence Your Retirement Investments

Granted there are plenty of people still in a frenzied state over the Presidential election. However, now that it’s over it’s time to move […]

Sweeping Changes Proposed for Taxes

If you’re wondering if the president-elect’s proposed tax plans will affect your wallet rest assured. Trump promises to bring sweeping changes to practically every […]

Investing an Inheritance for Retirement

Whether it comes as a large or modest sum, inheriting money can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you manage it. […]

Retirement Planning and the Single Person

Let’s face it, not everyone gets married. And, not everyone who gets married stays married. However, in the world of retirement planning advice, I […]

Are Your Retirement Prospects Realistic?

In my experience retirees will need 80% to 100% of their pre-retirement income to maintain their lifestyle after retirement.  However, there are some respectable surveys […]

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